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Heroes Journey have officially launched!

Dear players, we are glad to tell you that Heroes Journey have officially launched today, 26.10.2018 11:00 CET and you can enter the game right now! Challenge the demonic hordes, journey through seven kingdoms, make your own heroes squad, found your own city and lead it to prosperity! New adventures and exciting battles are waiting for you!

In the Heroes Journey world you will enjoy with not only beautiful graphics, but with thoroughly made gameplay too. Many locations and game events won't let even the most avid gamers get bored. Heroes, mercenaries, thousands of quests, more PvP and PvE campaigns, artifacts and more another things — all of them will let you make own game style and become the supreme lord. 

Thanks to all CBT joiners which helped us find and fix different in-game issues! We are really glad to see your help to the new game, enthusiasm and assisting the staff in launching a cool quality game. If you have recharged during CBT, just contact our customer service and tell your nickname at OBT server, so then we will send you diamonds with saved VIP progress.

Welcome to our first European server S1: Lord Haart! Different starting events are awaiting for you! Rush into the first game world and began domination under the world!

Best regards, Heroes Journey Team