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Explore new world!

In Heroes Journey, you will discover new fantasy world, inspired by the best series of turn-based strategies ever created. You will start your journey across the kingdom, devastated by evil forces. On the path of cleansing the lands from demons, you will gather and enhance your army, obtain a castle and develop it. Liberate settlements across the country and fight against other players’ guilds for control other those, in order to make your domain most powerful and prosperous!

Fight and conquer!

Obtain mighty mercenaries who would be your army main force. Put in the head legendary Heroes to lead them. Gather best equipment for your army and develop unique skills for each of your Merc. Form different squads, assign formations, plan your tactics and fight against your foes in exciting turn-based combats. Manually use the skills and spells of your troops, or simply let battle happen in auto mode. Lead the sieges of other players settlements and defend your own domain!

Become victorious!

Would you be able to save the kingdom? Would you bring your guild to the path of power and great glory, and build a successful and powerful empire? Try it now, play directly in a web browser and become victorious!